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2M: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions for the Smart Cities of Future!
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2M Systems BV is founded in 1997 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The private Dutch company is currently based in the so called "brain-port" region of the Netherlands, in the city of Eindhoven. The main area of expertise of 2M Systems is electronic seismological instruments, such as seismometers, accelerometers, etc.  The company's vision is to fit its domain of activity into a big picture for the Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) of future. To this aim, it is extending its current domain, i.e., seismic instruments and earthquake monitoring systems with the following domains:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS) and Smart Home: Consultation services for the purpose of integrating earthquake sensors within the BMS and smart home solutions.
  • Smart Healthcare Systems: Integration of smart healthcare devices such as wearable sensors in the BMS, SCC, etc. solutions for improving the quality of life of citizens, elder-care, etc.