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We are investing in R&D: Since 2014, 2M Systems has started cooperation with outstanding Research and Innovation centers. If you are a research lab looking for industry-cooperation and your topics fit into our business, please contact us.

Smart Civil Structures for the Smart Cities of Future
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The world is expecting a continuous increase in the urban population and urban area in the coming decades. In order to manage the increased urban population and area, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), transportation, energy, city planning, traffic management sectors and many other ones should cooperate in order to make the smart cities and communities of near future.

2M Systems brings in its expertise from the past two decades plus the expertise of its technical team from near half a century in the areas of electronic seismic systems, earthquake and ground motion monitoring systems and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) to the big picture of Smart Cities. We contribute to making our civil structures and infra-structures around the globe smart and connected!