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Geotech Instruments LLC, based in Dallas, Texas USA, has chosen 2M Systems as its main European representative and service provider for the whole EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) region.

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Geotech Instruments LLC is one of the world market leaders for ground motion monitoring equipment and is since 1936 active in the development, production and marketing of products and programs in this field. The systems and technologies developed by Geotech Instruments LLC (“Geotech”) are used to monitor seismic activity for seismic risk and seismic hazard studies and to conduct real-time detections for seismic or volcanic early warning systems.

Geotech not only offers hardware and software, but supplies, when ordered, complete seismic networks, training, support and services.


Geotech’s product portfolio consists of:

1) High-gain, ultra-low noise seismic sensors

2) High-resolution (24-bit) digitizers

3) Seismic networks

4) Processing software for seismological applications.


Geotech’s mission and strategy is to expand its global presence and market for seismic sensors and recorders, seismic networks and related software, as well as to stimulate an underdeveloped market for similar products and technologies in the areas of geotechnics, environmental engineering, geothermal investigations and exploitations, infrasound and seismo-acoustics, and mining.